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February 6th, 2012

Superbowl 2012 Super Ad Round Up!

Superbowl XLVI 2012, my favourite sporting event of the year- and I have no interest in sport beyond
a good game of Pictionary! (But boy am I good at Pictionary!) As the big guns of the ad world shook their foam fingers our way- lets see what they had to offer the 110 million strong audience.

VW- The Dog Strikes Back

Weird hybrid ad from Deutsch LA, where it looks like someone lost the brief, found it behind the back of a designer sofa and noticed the words “Star Wars”in the mandatories, the day after they filmed the dog.

Bud Light- “Here We Go” Rescue dog

Mcgarrybowen give America a good reason to get a rescue dog in some better canine action.

Budweiser- Return Of The King

Life without beer is a dark place indeed. Cheers Budweiser!

Budweiser- Eternal Optimist

Loving this second ad from Budweiser, with a bouncing mash up of the Cult and Flo Rida, good times are just round the corner.

MetLife- Everyone

Charlie Brown, Top Cat and He-Man sell us insurance. A sure sign I am getting old from Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Some nice bloopers on youtube too- here and here.

E*Trade- Fatherhood

Look who’s trading from Tim Abshire and Grey New York

Honda Acura- Transactions

Seinfeld on top form in the better of the two Honda Superbowlers from RPA and directed by MJZ’s Craig Gillespie. Leno!

Honda- Matthews Day Off

24 Years of perfection. Gone in two minutes.

Audi- Vampire Party

Venables Bell & Partners held a facebook competition to unlock this spot piece by piece. Fangs very much.

Pepsi MAX- Check Out

TBWA\Chiat\Day take the fizz out of Coke Zero.

Toyota Camry- It’s Reinvented

Saatchi & Saatchi LA bring us time travelling babies and rain that makes you thin. It’s the future and its funny.

Fiat- Seduction

In this seductive spot, The Richards Group, Dallas bring sexy back- hatchback that is.

Kia- A Dream Car. For Real Life

Dreams come true from David & Goliath- if you dream about Motley Crue and Rhinos.

Chrysler- It’s Halftime in America

W+K pull out all the emotional stops with Clint Eastwood in this spot that would be more at home in a politicians campaign arsenal.

NFL- Timeline

The history of Football safety via the NFL and a Ray Charles soundtrack.

Chevy Silverado- 2012

Goodby Silverstein & Partners and director Noam Murro (who also directed the Kia spot) drive us to the end of the world. Poor Dave.

Chevy Sonic- Stunt Anthem (with OK GO!)

Ok Go give the Chevy Sonic a soundtrack to stunts.

Chevy Sonic- joy

More bugging out from Chevy.

Chevy- Happy Grad

And more from Chevy- funniest one me thinks.

Chevy Volt- Aliens

Hybrid high jinks again from Chevy- they must have smashed open that piggy bank!

Doritos- Hot Wild Girls

Part of Doritos “Crash The Superbowl” competition, where the entrants write the ads. Nice job Joe Public.

Hyundai- Think Fast

Cars, cars, cars. So many car ads.

Pepsi- Kings Court

Sir Elton John takes on the X factor finalist in the big number from the big beverage.

Coke- Arghhh!

The polar bears let of steam mid game- wearing the team colours.

and Finally…
The Avengers Trailer

Not a true ad, but its got the bloody Hulk in it!

Some good, some bad- all bloody expensive. NBC reportedly managed to get $3.5million for 30 seconds of air time. What recession?
See the best of the rest over at Ads Of The World.

oh…and the NY Giants won by the way!

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