word from the creative frontline by Tony Pipes. Advertising, Art and Design.


Email: tony@tonystoyshop.com

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  • Rawrachel

    Hi Pipsey how you doing? Not sure if you’re still on the same phone number?? Would love to hear how things are going ‘on the other side’…Rx

  • Rawrachel

    just been sent this – not sure if you’ve seen it of if it will work cut and pasted.. otherwise text me an email address I can forward it on. Great drama stunt!

    catch up soon. r

  • Ollie

    Hey fella, be great to get you some cracking tracks for ITV….hope they’re treating you right :-)

  • Djmarkpendry

    Hi Tony, A bit random I know, but I do a radio show on Sunday’s (Mark Pendry’s Sunday Best/ 4pm to 6pm/ http://www.ridgeradio.co.uk) and will be playing The Space Monkeys in my ‘Champion The Underdog’ slot…. When researching you guys for background info, I was intrigued to see that you recorded a full album ‘Escape from the 20th Century’ that never got a release due to Factory records collapsing….. I used to love you guys back in the day. First got into the music through the ‘Keep On Trippin’ On’ E.P. which was a great E.P. (even the remix song… which normally never add anything)….. Is there any way to get to listen to the 2nd album? After 15 years in a vault somewhere, it deserves to be heard! Feel free to contact me if you want: djmarkpendry@gmail.com / http://www.facebook.com/DjMarkPendryAtRidgeRadio

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