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July 13th, 2010

The Cinematic Orchestra-Lilac Wine!

Brilliant video for the Cinematic Orchestra’s cover version of Jefff Buckley’s “Lilac Wine”. Directed by Blind, it’s part of the Doc Martins 50th anniversary celebrations. This, and other tracks, can be downloaded for free here. Thanks to Jim Dezoete for the link and check out more of BLIND’s work here.

July 13th, 2010

Ravensbourne College Identity!

Brilliant new identity for Ravensbourne college by Johnson Banks. Using their new buildings amazing exterior as inspiration, the tiles are used to great effect across the identity, making it uniquely tied to the college. Lovely stuff.

the new building

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July 13th, 2010

McDonalds- Weather!

Beautiful new McDonalds ad from Leo Burnett celebrating British weather. Any ad that gets away with say “doo- lally” is alright with me! Directed by Simon Ratigan.

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July 13th, 2010

Panasonic- No Expert!

Funny ad from The Campaign Palace, Sydney, explaining you don’t need to be an expert to use Panasonic’s latest camera.

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July 12th, 2010

TVN- Shorter Commercial Breaks!

Nice, simple series of press ads from Lowe Porta, Chile, promoting shorter commercial breaks on TVN movies.


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July 11th, 2010

Shaun White – Transform!

Terrific live action promo from Jacksonkarinja of Rabbit, for the new Shaun White Skateboarding video game. A whole city is wonderfully transformed into a skaters paradise. Nice.

July 10th, 2010

BBC Proms 2010!

BBC Proms 2010 from Tony Pipes on Vimeo.

The new film for the BBC Proms coverage, from Red Bee Media. Creative by yours truly and directed by Matt McDermott. Post Production from Marcus Dryden @ Envy.

July 9th, 2010

3D Graffiti!

3d graffiti – ‘After from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

Beautiful film from Graffiti Technica, great soundtrack from Julien Neto too.

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July 9th, 2010

Tron Evolution!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new Tron film. I’m like a kid before Xmas!
This amazing game trailer from Mothership has not done anything to dampen the giddyness.
Come on!

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July 9th, 2010

Kindergarten Cuts!

DJ Sara (8 years old) and DJ Ryusei (5 years old)- Mini Japanese scratch superstars!

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